Our Story

SiSi Georgian Bay is a small batch natural skincare company, based on pure and simple principals. We carefully source and select the best natural, organic and wild ingredients, in order to utilize gentle, yet potent, plant based properties. Our formulas are developed with tremendous care and attention to detail, guided by the sacred traditions of herbal and botanical alchemy.

We are inspired by people. Our products satisfy a real need expressed by our customers. Wholesome, nourishing ingredients promote healthy radiant skin, while luxurious scents and textures enhance the skin care experience.

We are inspired by nature. Our products reflect a deep connection to our natural surroundings, and the feelings of peace and happiness that spending time in nature awakens.

We care deeply about the future of our planet and strive to implement a sustainable business model.

We take pride in offering to our customers beautiful, handcrafted, small batch skincare products, therapeutic to both body and soul.  It is our hope, you take as much delight in using them, as we do in creating them!

" It is our passion to produce fine quality natural skincare products, with the purpose to soothe, nourish, pamper and protect. "

- Andrea Tranter, Founder

Our first product was created in 1998, by founders Andrea Tranter and Bruce Tiffin, for their own daughter Sierra (aka SiSi).  Products available to them did not improve SiSi’s stubborn diaper rash and some even made it worse, so, out of necessity they created Baby Balm, a natural, plant powered remedy to treat her rash and protect her sensitive skin.  SiSi’s rash cleared up completely within 24 hours after using Baby Balm!  Andrea, now a chartered herbalist, has been researching and formulating skincare products ever since.

Natural skincare products formulator.A black and white photo of SiSi Georgian Bay founder Andrea Tranter smiling looking at the camera with trees in the background wearing a cream coloured cotton shirt
natural skincare products - a photo of the pretty wild hyaluronic acid serum in a 30ml amber glass bottle in front of a beautiful stone tray with fluffly white towels and a wicker basket behind it and a pottery cup beside it
natural skincare products - a photo of a piece of rustic but nice looking wood on a diagonal with a creamy white background with a tin of natural baby balm on it with a green leafy sprig laying beside it