Wooden bowls on beautiful place mats on a wooden surface with dry french clays and mixed clays, with natural rocks beside them.

Why You Should Add Clay Masks to your Natural Skincare Routine?

Benefits of Clay Face Masks

Not only are clay face masks super good for your skin, they are fun and easy to add to your skincare routine. Some of the benefits include:

  • Brightening skin by exfoliating surface dead skin cells
  • Clarifying skin by deep cleaning pores and drawing out impurities
  • Preventing break-outs by absorbing excess oil an balancing skin
  • Hydrates skin and enhances moisture absorption by clearing pores
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and supple

Great For All Skin Types

Many people believe clay masks are only for oily skin, but they also improve the tone and texture of all skin types, even sensitive skin. They work gently and effectively.

SiSi Georgian Bay Masks Based on Skin Type

Right now we have 3 varieties of clay masks:

  1. French Pink Clay with Chamomile and Burdock Root Extracts
  2. French Green Clay with Green Tea Extract and Gingko Biloba Extracts
  3. Rhassoul and Multani Mitti Clays with Activated Charcoal 

French Pink Clay is great for dry/sensitive skin and we mix in beautiful botanical extracts of chamomile and burdock root to gently calm, soothe, tone and hydrate skin.

French Green Clay blended with green tea and gingko biloba extracts is recommended for normal/oily skin and provides a little extra drawing power to clean out impurities and absorb excess oil, leaving skin feeling soft and supple.

Rhassoul and multani mitti clays, combined with activated charcoal, are great for blemish prone skin due to purifying and detoxifying properties that deep clean congested pores, remove black heads and keep skin clear and smooth.

You do not have to follow our recommendations of course, please feel free to use any of the masks as you wish, and find the one that is best for you here.

Two wooden bowls of French Green and French Pink Clays on a natural wood surface with a fresh green leaf beside them

How To Use Dry Clay Masks

Mix your clay face mask with a liquid of your choosing to the thickness you desire and apply to face. You can use a brush or your fingertips. Leave on skin for no more than 10 minutes, then rinse well with lukewarm water, and follow with a serum or lotion of your choice.

Different Liquids to Mix Our Masks With

You can add even more benefits to your weekly home spa mask treatment by using different liquids to the dry masks such as:

  • Aloe vera juice or gel for it's soothing anti-inflammatory properties
  • Flower waters for their hydrating and botanical benefits
  • Honey will add healing benefits and help to soothe skin
  • Yogurt provides extra hydration and soothing properties 

Feel free to do your own research and experiment with our dry clay masks! If you have a favourite combination, we would love to hear about it.

Why We Package Our Face Masks Dry

We choose to package our clay masks in dry powder form to avoid using harsh preservatives. Clay masks mixed with water, or any liquid with water in it, are notoriously difficult to preserve, and bacteria, mold and fungi can start to form within days, or even hours, after mixing. To avoid this from happening, a strong preservative needs to be added, and because face masks are leave on products, we feel dry powdered form is the way to go. 

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